Fruit of the Spirit: Choosing Goodness

What is goodness? How do we define it, and how do we walk it out?

There are many definitions for the word ‘good,’ and many ways that we use the word in everyday speech. “That was a good movie.” “Do you know of any good restaurants?” “Tommy was being very good today.” “That cut of meat looks good.” “That plan sounds like a good one.” “Okay, good.” “I feel good about that.” “She’s a good mom.”

But what, exactly, did Paul mean when he used the word ‘goodness’ when talking about the Fruit of the Spirit?

The word ‘goodness’ in Galatians is translated from the word agathosyne (a-ga-tho-su-nay), which means, “Uprightness of heart and life, goodness, kindness.” According to this definition, you can say that goodness starts with the heart, as all things tend to do.